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Change Is Hard, Vote Anyway | World Hot News Update

Change Is Hard, Vote Anyway | World Hot News Update

Change Is Hard, Vote Anyway | World Hot News Update

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Election is often depicted as a chance for change.Not just a little change. Big and comprehensive change - the kind of change that can change a town, a country, or even a country.

The idea is this: If you do not like what happens or if you want something different, you should vote and make your feelings heard. If enough people feel your way, change will come.

Change Is Hard, Vote Anyway | World Hot News Update

The reality is a bit more complicated.

Election is not always about change - sometimes they are about keeping the same thing.

Sometimes the incumbent wins, or the dominant party still holds power, or the vote proposes no interest or consequence. At times, the most baby steps you can expect in the polls are small, incremental exercises that move toward bigger, more meaningful things.

Today's election may bring about change - but if that is done, this can be a modest change.

One of the questions that New Yorkers will be asked to vote is whether the nation should hold a constitutional conference.

The constitutional conference can bring about major changes - or nearly complete the task.

I am voting because it offers a rare opportunity to bypass calcified state legislatures and solve problems they resolutely refuse to address, such as corruption and their team dysfunction.

Of course, we can not guarantee that constitutional conventions do what I want to do, and since voters seem displeased, concerns about constitutional conventions dominated by lobbyists and political insiders may become reality after today.

Voters may be wary of constitutional conventions, but they will certainly approve another measure that will hurt corrupt legislators: their pensions.

This ballot requires voters to amend the national constitution, allowing judges to deprive legislators, governors-appointed officials and other public officials for their pensions if convicted of a felony related to their public office.

With anti-corruption measures, tea is quite vulnerable.

It is impossible to prevent corrupt officials from engaging in corruption and there is no solution to the culture of corruption that causes bad behavior.

However, this is still an easy way to ensure that taxpayers will not fund the luxury benefits of malicious perpetrators.

At the very least, it conveys the message that voters are fed up with corrupt legislators and are willing to support measures that will make them responsible for their actions. If we are lucky, this is a small step - the first of many.

Changing the culture of corruption in Albany is not easy or fast.

The electorate is required to seize this rare opportunity to push the national government in the right direction and to support candidates and initiatives that appear to seriously oppose the system and promote reforms.

We can not fix the system overnight, but we can do some minor fixes and adjustments.

Sometimes voting is a message that conveys the world you want to live in, looking for progress and hope, where you can find it.

Change is difficult.

It takes time and effort.

However, this is not the reason for staying at home on election day.

This is the reason to go out and vote to see what you can do.
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