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China ratifies Paris climate agreement

China ratifies Paris climate agreement

China ratifies Paris climate agreement

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The country is the world's largest harmful carbon dioxide emissions, which cause climate change manufacturers. China and the United States will work together before or at the G20 summit over the weekend announced the approval of Hangzhou.
In the landmark agreement struck in December, countries agreed to cut enough to get below 2C (3.6F) emissions in global average temperature rise.

China's National People's Congress Standing Committee adopted the "review and approval of the Treaty of Paris" at the end of the week during the meeting on Saturday morning.
Paris Agreement is the first comprehensive global climate agreement. It will only be at least 55 countries, generating between 55% after both global carbon emissions approval of applicable law.
key point

In order to keep the global temperature rise 2 ℃ (3.6F) "under", and continue efforts to limit 1.5C (2.7F)

As soon as possible and at the top of the second half of the balance between the sources and sinks of greenhouse gases this century greenhouse gas emissions
Review progress every five years

Climate finance commitments $ 100 billion per year for developing countries in 2020, and further financing in the future

Once the Agreement enters into force, the state has approved must wait at least three years before quitting

China ratifies Paris climate agreement - When the United States - the world's second-largest source of emissions - Following China's lead, which will meet 40% of the count.
The announcement made before China has ratified the Treaty of 23 countries accounting for more than 1% of the emissions.

The top 10 carbon dioxide emissions

Analysts warned that keeping the temperature rise of less than 2 ℃ target temperature has been threatened for complaining.

For 14 consecutive months, meteorologists recorded the hottest month, the British Meteorological Office predicted, 2016 will likely hit 1.1 ℃ temperature above pre-industrial levels.
The average temperature around the world is likely to increase in the coming years will be more carbon emissions made her feel before impact.
G20 summit in Hangzhou, from the Sunday meeting of leaders from 20 countries. It is expected to be the last trip to Asia as US president Barack Obama.

Obama is expected to formally join the Treaty of Paris at the weekend announced the United States.
It is estimated that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping can hold bilateral talks to make a joint statement on Saturday night.
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