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Portugal qualified for the semifinals after the defeat of Poland - Euro 2016

Portugal qualified for the semifinals after the defeat of Poland - Euro 2016

Portugal qualified for the semifinals after the defeat of Poland - Euro 2016

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Euro 2016 - Portugal managed to qualify after a 5-3 shootout defeat by a score of Poland, the 2016 European Cup semi-finals. Earlier, after 120 minutes later, Poland and Portugal drew 1-1. Lewandowski scored Poland printed in two minutes, while Portugal is divided 32. Renato Sanchez loaded ball, after the semi-finals, Portugal will challenge the new play VS Belgium Saturday's game 2016 July 2 am the winner between Wales.

portugal vs polandia euro 2016

First Round

Poland Meets Portugal in the European Cup quarter-finals in 2016, which is in the Velodrome stadium in Marseille on Friday (January 7, 2016) held in the early morning hours. This time in the game, both teams also lowered his best team.

In 4-4-2, coach Adam Nawalka still rely on the establishment of the Polish midfield substantive attacks. Portugal is playing 4-1-3-2 pattern makes Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Nani as their main source of goals. Proven, so far a total of two players in the European Cup four-ball scored in 2016.

Before diving competition, Poland and Portugal all persons present in the silence of the fans will be the stadium together. The purpose of the meeting was to the terrorist bombings in the event Turkey Ataturk International Airport on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 GMT occurred in the morning. According to local media reports, the incident was a terrorist casualties up to 42 people.

Very interesting to watch the game. Lewandowski opened the scoring in the second minute over Poland and Portugal. Use feedback Kamil Grosicki, Louis familiar greeting Lewandowski- grab the ball, his right foot into the Portugal goalkeeper Rui Patrício escort in the penalty area. Excellence Poland score 1-0.

In 18 minutes, the opportunity to Poland doubling the advantage. However, Lewandowski after his teammates received feedback, unmarked case could not be completely removed kick. As a result, to ensure sharp shooting Patricio.

When almost half an hour into the game, the Portuguese left behind got a chance to mature. Luis Nani from the right side of defense of Poland acceleration. Despite the photo opportunities, Fenerbahce winger Ronaldo provide feedback. It belongs to the Real Madrid star may remain in detention Fabianski from outside the area off the ball.

In the first 32 minutes SelecçãoDAS Quinas new DUB-Portugal- try through Renato Sanchez equalized. Use feedback Nani belongs to Bayern Munich midfielder from outside the box into the Polish goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski convoy took off kirikeras kick. Although the 1-1 score.

Overall, this game both teams are fairly balanced. Until the end of the first half, the score is still 1-1.

Second Round

Portugal has a chance on goal by Ronaldo 56 minutes. In the unmarked case, the player nicknamed CR7 it off hard kick left foot. However, his shot hit the goal net Poland.

Games are running balance, but Portugal is able to print a lot of opportunities to be vaccinated. In the 60th minute, Ronaldo had another chance, but the shot was blocked.

Five minutes later, turn the Portuguese right-back Cedric Soares fired from just outside the box, but still stretched thin from around the goalkeeper Nawalka. In 68 minutes, finally got the opportunity to Arkadiusz Milik Poland adopted, but the ball kicked Ajax striker ensure Rui Patrício.

In the first 78 minutes, José Fonte Portugal almost doubled the lead. However, the defender's header belonging to Southampton successfully protected Fabianski. Two minutes later, Poland is expected to almost a bait own goal after the break Artur Jędrzejczyk Pepe Lima ball.

Until the end of regular time, keeping the score 1-1. As a result, the battle must continue into extra 2 × 15 min.

Another Round

In the 15th minute to extend the time round, Portugal by Luis Nani had two golden opportunities. In the first 99 minutes, Nani's header was wide. In 102 minutes, the former Manchester United player can be kept Fabianski shot.

109 minutes, the audience into the field of the game, to bring Poland VS Portugal. However, did not stop the audience to join in the stadium Velodrome, Marseille match its holdings. As of As of 2 × 15 minutes the score was 1-1, the game should start penalty round.

Penalty Shootout:
Polandia: Lewandowski O, Milik O, Glik O, Kuba X
Portugal: Ronaldo O, Renato Sanches O,Moutinho O, Nani O, Quaresma O.

Portugal: Rui Patrício (G), 3 Pepe , 4 Fonte, 7 Ronaldo (C), 10 João Mário (Quaresma 80’), 14 William Carvalho (Danilo 96’), 16 Renato Sanches, 17 Nani, 19 Eliseu, 21 Cédric, 23 Adrien Silva (Moutinho 75’).

Polandia (4-4-2): 22 Fabiański (G), 2 Pazdan, 3 Jędrzejczyk, 5 Mączyński (Jodłowiec 98’), 7 Milik, 9 Lewandowski (C), 10 Krychowiak, 11 Grosicki (Kapustka 82’), 15 Glik, 16 Błaszczykowski, 20 Piszczek.

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