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England lost Monday's game - England v Iceland Euro 2016

England lost Monday's game - England v Iceland Euro 2016

England lost Monday's game - England v Iceland Euro 2016

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England v Iceland Euro 2016 - Round 16 match but England lost the European Championship in Nice, France, Iceland, before the country, about 30 major events billion people never fight. Iceland: a team with two managers, one of whom, Heimir─žallgrimsson, part-time dentist.

In England the lead just four minutes later a Wayne Rooney penalty. However, Naxi Gude La faction, who is in the top league of the theater Krai Krasnodar and Kolbeinn Sigthorsson, who managed to play 2-1 in the French top-linking Sai Nante Qiushi.

England has won all 10 matches in qualifying for the euro, while the runner-up Welsh group B, even if it no team is packed with offensive firepower in the Premier League television screens around the world is full of every All-Star Weekend, and like Krasnodar and Nantes played obscurity.

England lost Monday's game - England v Iceland Euro 2016

The loss is so embarrassing England coach Hodgson resigned immediately after the game.

Read English news media speculation has written statement before the game, Hodgson said, "I'm sorry to let you end this way, but these things happen."

Lost to Iceland, the smallest country ever to qualify for major tournaments, only the latest humiliation England performance. In Hodgson, England did not win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Since 2006, England has not won a major tournament knockout stage of the competition, we can not meet the expectations of passionate football country.

"They believe that this will be a walk in the park," Sigurdsson told reporters. "We have confidence in their abilities."

Rooney converted a penalty early Raheem Sterling Iceland goalkeeper Hans Halldorsson trip. Sigurdsson from Iceland in response Kari Arnason through sixth-minute volley. Sigthorsson in the 18th minute when England goalkeeper Joe scored the decisive goal. Hart can only get a hand ball.

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At the final whistle, Aron Einar Malmquist Gunnarsson, Iceland captain, who was added in the second tier of English football-playing husband, tore off his shirt, ran to the fans, ahead of his teammate and singing and dancing, United States associated Press reported. In Reykjavik, Iceland, an estimated 10,000 people watched the big screen trouble game. Set off fireworks, danced residents in their own balcony.

In the UK, the news media and the public not to fail as "Good job, boys," Knife in a hurry to go out.

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